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Press release

CLAAS harvesting competence highlighted as unit sales of CORTO drum-style front mowers pass the 30,000 milestone

During the current year, CLAAS sold its 30,000th CORTO front mower with drum technology, impressively underscoring its reputation as the global technology leader in forage harvesting.

CLAAS has been making its CORTO and DISCO series of mowers, proven in practice in all operating sectors and conditions, for more than 45 years, continually enhancing and refining its mower technology throughout that time. The CLAAS engineers in Bad Saulgau continue to rely on the proven drum technology in today’s CORTO mowers, which are designed for use in particularly difficult conditions.

It all started with the WM rotary mower

CLAAS introduced its first drum mower back in 1971, with the WM2 model. This offered many farms and businesses an attractive grass mowing alternative to the sickle bar mowers that were the norm at that time. The “WM” acronym stood for the German word for rotary mower - “Wirbelmäher“. Then in 1981 CLAAS became the first manufacturer ever to offer a front mower, with the WM 31 F. The new machine almost doubled mowing productivity. Its successor model, the CORTO 290 F, remained one of the most successful models on the market for several decades. It was also the basis for the first large-scale mowers, initially developed for the CLAAS JAGUAR series, and then later for use with a tractor.

Continuing refinements to the technology

The outstanding success of the CORTO is based on the mower’s extremely robust structure, and particularly their flawless ground contour following, through infinitely adjustable adaptation on the lateral and longitudinal axes. CLAAS was the first manufacturer to offer mowers with this technology. The PROFIL kinematics introduced in the CORTO 3150 F marked a further revolution in ground following technology from CLAAS, and was awarded the DLG silver medal at Agritechnica in 2003.

Presenting the latest CORTO generation

This year CLAAS introduced the latest generation of CORTO mowers, including the 310 F and 285 F models, which again feature a raft of impressive innovations. These include the ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic suspension system and three-dimensional ground contour following. The ongoing effort invested by CLAAS in its mowing technology is also reflected in developments like user-friendly swath adjustment, simply by changing the positions of the swathing discs.

Continuing demand for robust drum mower technology

While disc mowers such as the CLAAS DISCO series have become firmly established, particularly in the large-scale mower segment, CLAAS continues to employ drum technology in its CORTO models. This reflects the ongoing strong demand for robust CORTO mowers in many regions characterised by difficult harvesting conditions. These models are well suited for harvesting fresh grass with a loader wagon, where a narrow, compact swath is required, and particularly for working in damp conditions, on uneven or steep terrain, in overgrown areas, or where there is a high dirt content in the crop from piles of soil.

CLAAS Group, Corporate Communications

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